It’s a commonly held belief that the greatest heights of success are reached through group effort. Everyone throughout the Alliance Event Management headquarters agrees with this concept. Very few individuals achieve amazing things on their own. Here are some strategies our leaders use to keep us focused and inspired to pursue our goals:

  • They Relinquish Control: Our leaders are always available when we need support, but they don’t breathe down our necks. They have faith in our abilities, and trust us to hit our targets in the ways we deem appropriate. This trust motivates us and gives us ownership of our work. 
  • They Encourage Risks: Innovation is part of the Alliance Event Management mission, and it goes together with risk. The only way to discover new things is to take chances, which exhilarates and excites us. Our leaders encourage us to leave our comfort zones and try new things – even if that involves making mistakes (which are great learning opportunities anyway!).
  • They Give Us Purpose: Our managers frequently remind us of the reasons we work so hard, and the impact we make on our community. This way, there is meaning attached to everything we do. It gives us direction, bringing us together in the spirit of a shared vision.

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