Most people are reluctant to share their own success. We’re ingrained from a young age not to be boastful. However, as we’ve discussed amongst ourselves in the Alliance Event Management office, it’s OK to talk about our accomplishments. Here are three ways to be confident about achievements and remain humble:

  • Focus on Your Own Success: One of the points our coaches make during Alliance Event Management training sessions is to remember that each person’s vision of success is different. We all take unique paths. Therefore, when we discuss our achievements, we don’t need to compare ourselves to others. We only need to focus on how we’re personally better today for the effort.
  • Focus on Effort: When we relay what we’ve achieved, it’s important that we emphasize the effort it took to reach that level. Success that appears too easy can be off-putting to others. However, when we temper our results with experiences such as the steps we took to arrive at our goal, including setbacks, others can relate. 
  • Be Sure to Give Credit: Our Alliance Event Management culture is based on collaboration. As such, we recognize that our accomplishments do not happen in a vacuum. There are many others who have had a hand in helping us reach our goals. Showing our gratitude and appreciation is essential. 

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