Within our Alliance Event Management culture, collaboration is at the foundation. We foster a workplace environment that is based on mutual respect, trust, and cohesiveness amongst our people. One of the ways in which we achieve this balance is through inclusive company-wide activities.

“We focus on team building here at Alliance Event Management,” said Chloe C., our Director of Operations. “We believe that when we play together, we stay together!”

As Chloe noted, there are several ways to rally our associates and create a positive atmosphere in which everyone feels welcome. “When people can share laughs, it forges better working relationships. This translates to a greater sharing of diverse ideas and perspectives, which we need to become truly innovative,” she said. “We enjoy many team-based activities. Recently we hit the river for a fun day of tubing and the carnival for a game night!!”

Volunteering is another way in which our people can step outside of the Alliance Event Management office and discover something new together. “We strengthen our bonds further by giving back to our community,” said Chloe. “Our associates are passionate about philanthropy and volunteering. We share ideas on how we can best support our region. When we commit to do something positive for a great cause and to help our neighbors, we gain a sense of responsibility for those around us.”

Our people are the reason we succeed. Check out our Newswire to learn more about how we’re growing and flourishing together.