Even when we’re hard at work achieving Alliance Event Management goals, we find ways to continue our professional development. Here are a few simple strategies we’ve learned for refining our business knowledge as we attend to our work responsibilities.

We make productive use of our breaks around the office as we seek improvement. Rather than catch up on our social media browsing, we watch training videos or write down some of our thoughts on current projects. Just taking time to hear fresh insights and put our own in writing is enough to give us new perspectives on our work.

Our commutes to the office have also become more productive as we’ve embraced learning on the job. As we work our way to the Alliance Event Management office, we listen to podcasts and audiobooks that help us broaden our knowledge bases. It’s always fun to discuss what we’ve been learning with colleagues and exchange new insights.

We also combine exercise with professional development by listening to podcasts and watching training courses in fresh air. For walks in the park and more intensive workouts, we bring along our phones or tablets to learn as we engage in physical activity.

These techniques help us sharpen our professional skills as we go about our busy workday routines.