There are a few traits you will see time and time again when you study people who earn regular promotions. These traits also just happen to be hallmarks of the Alliance Event Management training approach. Here are some details on these attributes and how we’re working on bolstering them in our lives to attain our most ambitious career goals.

One thing promotable people always do is go beyond expectations. They don’t simply meet benchmarks for performance; they aim higher and stretch their potential. One way we train Alliance Event Management associates to apply the same type of mind-set is by getting them to think about the unique skills they can add to teamwork. We then help our people enhance those skills so that they add even more value to our collaborative work.

You can also boost your chances of getting promoted by performing as though the job is already yours. In other words, seek out opportunities to challenge yourself and show that you are ready to take on more responsibilities. This is an approach some of our brightest Alliance Event Management up-and-comers embody, and it has helped them seize new opportunities.

Demonstrating a commitment to shared goals is also a great way to draw attention to yourself when it comes time for promotions to be handed out. This could be as simple as volunteering for big projects or offering your mentorship services to new hires to show how committed you are to your organization.

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