Networking has fueled a great deal of Alliance Event Management’s growth. The relationships we establish while attending conferences and other events have proven invaluable. For a long time, however, we were plagued with the difficulties of continuing conversations after these events. Fortunately, we learned a few strategies for guaranteeing follow-up.

Perhaps the simplest technique is to get the contact information of the people we meet. Rather than handing out business cards, we aim to collect them. This provides us with the power to follow up ourselves. You can make this tactic even more effective by noting each connection’s preferred method of communication.

We have found at Alliance Event Management that following up with a meeting is ideal. The best way to accomplish this is to pencil in a meeting right away. If you start a fruitful conversation during an event but must cut it short, set up action steps to pick up where you left off.

Finally, try to connect on social media with the people you meet. Not only will this provide another medium for following up, it will make your name is more visible. When they see your recent updates, you will spring to the front of their minds.

Our Alliance Event Management team has a lot of experience networking. Learn new strategies for making the most of your business relationships at