If you are anything like our team members at Alliance Event Management, you meet a lot of new people. Whether they are customers or colleagues, it is important to be able to connect. While a strong relationship takes times to grow, you can speed things along with a few simple strategies. Use these tips to start building rapport with the people you meet:

  • Highlight Commonalities: Find some things that you have in common with the person and highlight them. If nothing comes up while chatting, you can do a little research using social media to discover some of the individual’s interests. Having something in common goes a long way.
  • Learn About Their Work Patterns: Communication is at the heart of every relationship, professional or otherwise. At Alliance Event Management, we have found that great communication requires insight into the other party. Learn how he or she likes to work so you can tailor your communication for ease and understanding.
  • Remember the Little Things: Often the most important gestures for building a relationship are the smallest ones. Always be polite and excited to see the other person. When they tell you about something personal, follow up and check in a few days later.
  • Work Together: There is nothing as valuable as facetime to get yourself aligned with someone else. If you have the chance, work next to the person for a little while. This can go a surprisingly long way.

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