Travel is one of the most exciting things about being part of the Alliance Event Management organization. We are invited to attend conferences, trainings, and retreats as recognition of work well done. Our most recent excursion was a leadership conference in Dallas, Texas.


According to Chloe C., our Alliance Event Management President, “I was thrilled to take everyone to this event. Every time we attend an industry function, we return to the office feeling even more inspired to work hard and achieve our goals.”

These are some of the benefits of our trip:

  • Learning: Knowledge transfer is the core aspect of any conference. Our leadership event included workshops and lectures on topics such as management, market trends, and consumer psychology. We’ve already started implementing many of the best practices we discovered.
  • Networking: When it comes to networking, Chloe says it best: “Conferences are great opportunities to meet other people in our field. We’re all gathered for the same reason, which makes it easy for ice breaking and conversation.” Every contact we make opens doors to referrals, mentorships, new team members, and more.
  • Bonding: Getting out of the office for a few days always brings us closer. We aren’t distracted by our daily duties, so we can focus more on each other. The stronger our bonds, the greater our success!

Industry events such as these always yield great outcomes. Check out Alliance Event Management’s Newswire to find out where we’re heading next!