Goal setting is a major component of our success story at Alliance Event Management. Recently, we have been showing just how important well-written goals are to our interns. We want to set them up for continued career success, and this lesson is an essential part of that.

To ensure we are always focused and on the same page, Chloe C., our company President, established the practice of reviewing our goals every Monday. We create our objectives for 30, 60, and 90 days out. Each week, we examine exactly how we are progressing and continuously update our goals. This system has helped keep everyone accountable and on the same page.

While many company leaders may dictate objectives to their interns, we at Alliance Event Management encourage ours to participate in this process. We want our interns to learn exactly what it takes to build a successful career. Whether doing it for a team or for yourself, goal setting is one of the most valuable career skills you can master.

This is the type of lesson that is best taught through experience. We offer the chance to practice both setting and monitoring goals under the guidance of veteran managers. Through this mentorship arrangement, our interns get the benefits of learning on the job and from the experience of our senior team members.

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