We are looking to grow Alliance Event Management and expand our team over the next year. Thanks to consistently increasing demand for our sales and marketing services, we are looking for new people so we can accommodate more brands.

When recruiting new team members, we primarily look for talent and drive over experience. It is easier to teach someone new skills than to change his or her attitude. “This requires us to really focus on developing and training individuals,” says Chloe, our Director. “We’re looking to hire motivated individuals who are excited about growing with our company.”

Focusing on young professionals has helped us grow Alliance Event Management in many ways. They are prepared to take risks, for example. Many millennials are finding their places within the work environment. As such, they innovate and try new things. This is immensely valuable in our industry, which is defined by creativity and passion.

New talent can also be very helpful for fostering culture. The people you choose to hire makes a big impact on your team environment. We think not only about who we are currently but also who we want to be when choosing candidates. Finding people who will mesh well with our culture into the future is a high priority for our management team.

These reasons are why we seek out young people to join our team. Check out our Newswire to learn more about growth at Alliance Event Management.