Inspiration can come from anywhere. Around the Alliance Event Management office, we often find what we need to motivate us comes from books on success. Here are some of the benefits of reading about others who have achieved their goals:

  • Great Reminder That We Control Our Own Destiny: Who makes our success happen? We do. One of the points we make in our Alliance Event Management professional development sessions is that ultimately, we need to own our accomplishments. When we read about people who have decided to overcome obstacles and achieve goals, we are reminded that we have that ability as well. 
  • Feel Inspired: When we’re working on Alliance Event Management campaigns, we often need an extra boost of creativity. A motivational book can jostle an idea and help us find solutions to the issues on which we’ve been working. We enjoy books written by innovators who think outside the box. 
  • Live in the Here and Now: One of the key lessons we’ve learned from reading inspiring stories is that the most important moment is right now. We can’t undo or relive the past. What the future holds is still a mystery. This moment is the one we can control. Let’s laugh and appreciate what is around us. 

What books have you read that have inspired you? Like us on Facebook and let’s discuss motivation.