Networking is a point of emphasis in our Alliance Event Management success strategy. We encourage our team members to build diverse networks of helpful contacts. We are also specific about what types of allies are most useful. Here are the types of network connections we believe are necessary in reaching ambitious career goals.

One essential type of network connection is the booster, who inspires you to keep going when your career journey takes a detour. Our Alliance Event Management team members are always looking for allies of this kind, because we can never have enough positive support when it comes to pursuing big objectives.

It’s also important to have a trusted adviser or two in your network. These are the calm and accomplished contacts who have been through a lot and can offer helpful advice in every instance. When you have strong advisers in your corner, you receive great tips you can’t find anywhere else. These powerful bits of advice are often game changers.

Similar to the adviser type is the collaborator, who offers quick and rational feedback on whatever ideas you have. Our team members value these contacts because they are great at helping us explore our brainstorms and find the right ways forward.

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