It can be tough to define what makes managers effective, but we’ve learned that they tend to share a few distinct qualities. Here are the traits of great leaders that we try to refine every day around the Alliance Event Management office:

• The Ability to Motivate: The most effective leaders empower their team members because they know what will motivate them to do their best work. Without hovering over their people’s shoulders, they inspire them to apply their unique talents to achieve the best possible outcomes.

• Trustworthiness: Great managers know that professionals are looking for both competence and honesty in the people for whom they work. They begin building trust through personal warmth from the earliest stages of their tenures. By taking a real interest in their team members’ pursuits, both in and out of the office, respected leaders reinforce meaningful connections.

• Talking Less, Listening More: Around Alliance Event Management HQ, careful listening has proven to be the best way to enhance leadership trust. Our managers are committed to hearing us out when it comes to big projects and day-to-day concerns. As a result, we never have to wonder if our leaders are invested in our success.

These traits and behaviors are key assets shared by effective business leaders.