Earning a promotion isn’t always a matter of simply performing at a high level with consistency. In fact, as we’ve pursued our Alliance Event Management career goals, we’ve found that small steps often help us make the most progress. Here are a few basic techniques we put into action to get closer to our next promotions.

The first thing we do on the road to advancement is to create timelines We ask ourselves about current projects we’re working on and how we can quantify the impact they make on our company. From there, it’s easier to project into the near future and know exactly what we’ll say to our supervisors during our next performance reviews.

We also keep lists of the tasks we’ve completed so we can make stronger cases when promotions become available. To make sure these lists are as wide-ranging as possible, we step up when our supervisors are away from the workplace. We’re proactive in taking on new challenges at all times, but we’re especially committed to doing so when there’s an extra need around the Alliance Event Management office.

It’s important to be upfront about our advancement goals as well. We don’t shy away from the subject of promotions when we meet with our supervisors, because we want them to know exactly where we see ourselves in the future.

These strategies help us position ourselves for advancement.