How you present yourself when you speak in front of an audience goes a long way toward defining your professional reputation. That’s the idea we carry into all our Alliance Event Management speeches. To speak with more confidence, we apply the following strategies when we’re at the podium.

Speaking about topics we really know is a somewhat obvious strategy we apply. Trying to fake expertise is a sure way to go off course, so we stick to subjects in which we have authority. Simply knowing our stuff leads to more confident postures and deliveries.

We also gauge the audience from the beginning of every speech to see how many people know about Alliance Event Management or the topic we’re covering. Once we have an idea of what we’re dealing with in terms of listeners, we feel more assured in our messaging. We make minor adjustments depending on what we discover.

Using the styles that are most comfortable for us also helps us make more confident presentations. Some of us prefer to improvise, while others enjoy the security of having well-organized notes in front of them. Whatever we find most helpful in terms of guiding us through a speech is what we use to our advantage, knowing the audience will appreciate a smoother delivery.

These strategies help us deliver memorable speeches with greater confidence.