We’re invested in success at Alliance Event Management, which is why we’re always on the lookout for new theories about who succeeds in a given industry and why they do so. We recently discovered some interesting insights stemming from research conducted by Nobel Laureate James Heckman and his colleagues. You might be surprised to learn that personality makes a greater impact on career achievement than skills do.

Heckman and his team learned that, more often than not, grades and achievement tests are better indicators than raw IQ scores of who might be successful in their careers. What we at Alliance Event Management find interesting is the reasoning behind this revelation – grades spoke to a person’s ability to work on a team and understand others more than their IQ score did.

In other words, how you act makes a big difference to your career. For us at Alliance Event Management, it seems that anyone seeking to advance professionally should pay careful attention to the way they react to others. This doesn’t mean you should be a doormat, but it does mean that how you present yourself has a big impact. Rather than selling your smarts, make sure to highlight your prowess at working with others.

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